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  • Jacqueline Pittenger

Hampton Roads Bridge-Tunnel Expansion

HRBT Expansion - DBE/SWaM Success Stories

When it came time to consider companies to install the HRBT Expansion Project’s construction cameras, FCC Consulting Services LLC (FCC) was already front of mind. The firm, led by Mr. Chris Carothers, MBA, PMP, has a special ability to make a lasting positive impression. In HBRT’s case, the firm had attended one of the Project’s outreach sessions in 2019. “FCC consistently goes above and beyond its exceptional work to build lasting relationships with all of its clients,” says Mr. Carothers.
For the HRBT Expansion Project, FCC has developed a web-based Construction Site Monitoring System that captures and transmits live construction site images and video. This unique solution allows project decision-makers the ability to stay connected to the jobsite and to document construction progress.
Beyond the HRBT Expansion, FCC provides information technology consulting services to the financial, telecommunications, healthcare, manufacturing, and construction industries in both the public and private sectors. The firm offers a comprehensive approach and product mix based on the firm’s diverse functional expertise and IT core competencies

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DBE SWaM 2022 Success Stories_v6
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