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AACCNJ 2023 Changemaker Award

FCC Consulting Services, Minority-Owned Trenton-Based IT Consulting Firm Honored as a “2023 Changemaker”


Press Release

August 7, 2023

Trenton, NJ – FCC Consulting Services is being recognized as a "2023 Changemakers" Honoree by the African American Chamber of Commerce of New Jersey, Inc. (AACCNJ)

The AACCNJ will host a Corporate Awards Dinner on October 3, 2023, to honor a selected number of corporations and small business owners that have made significant contributions to the AACCNJ during the previous year and to date. This dinner provides the platform, on behalf of their membership (and the over 80,000 black-owned businesses and 1.2 million Black New Jerseyans), to spotlight FCC and our fellow honorees. Mathew Knowles, CEO, Music World Entertainment, will be the Keynote Speaker for the evening.

“This is a great honor for FCC, and me personally, because our collective hard work, dedication, tenacity, and persistence are being recognized by a third-party organization. Over the years, the AACCNJ has been a great partner, advocate, and resource for FCC. Our top 3 strategic customers were introduced to us through our affiliation with the Chamber, and our top 2 subcontractors are also members of the Chamber. The chamber has been inexplicably linked to the success of FCC." – Chris Carothers, President / CEO, FCC Consulting Services.

In addition to being a member of the AACCNJ, FCC Consulting Services is certified by the following agencies:

  • Port Authority of NY&NJ as a DBE, MBE, and SBE.

  • Federal Government as an SBA 8A and DBE firm.

  • National Minority Supplier Diversity Council as an MBE.

  • DBE & MBE Certified in 20 states.

Schedule a short, 15-minute introductory call today that will move your project forward in support services and meeting your diversity spending targets. Get in touch and learn more about our services on our website,


About FCC Consulting Services LLC

Chris Carothers is the CEO and founder of FCC Consulting Services LLC (FCC), which is an African American male-led technology firm in business for over a decade. Through his leadership, FCC has become an ideal partner in elevating organizations to the next level of success. FCC specialized solutions, leveraged by a multidisciplinary approach, provide our clients with streamlined processes, improved performance, and financial optimization throughout all sectors—public or private. With each service, we tailor-make a solution specifically for your needs.

FCC stands out in the industry as a reliable and knowledgeable partner with an impressive track record of successful client projects. Our experience, expertise, technical savvy, and commitment to understanding our clients' needs ensure that we can always deliver exceptional results safely, on time, and within budget


About the African American Chamber of Commerce of New Jersey

The AACCNJ performs an essential role in the economic viability of New Jersey. While providing a platform for New Jersey’s African American business leaders, to speak with a collective voice, the AACCNJ advocates and promotes economic diversity fostering a climate of business growth through major initiatives centering on education and public policy. The Chamber serves as a proactive advocacy group with a 501(c) 3 tax exemption, which is shared by the National Black Chamber of Commerce.



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