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Acronis Backup Cloud provides backup, disaster recovery, and secure data access for SMBs and enterprise clients. Highly customizable and affordable, Acronis solutions include physical, virtual, and cloud server backup software; storage management;
secure file sharing; and system deployment.


Quick Recovery and No Downtime. Achieve recovery time objectives (RTOs) of 15 seconds or less. You’ll avoid operational outages, loss of productivity, and downtime caused by infections and recovery efforts.

Fast and Easy Backup. Switch from legacy solutions and deploy backups in just three clicks. Run backups as often as
you need, with no impact on performance, and avoid disruptions while moving to another system.

Reduce Storage Space. Deduplication and off-host operations will save computer and networking capacity, and, as a
result, save money and time.


Cost-Efficiency. Save money on infrastructure by leveraging on-premises or cloud deployment models for management servers.


“One of our users deleted important data. With Acronis’ granular recovery feature, I was able to recover the data immediately, up to the latest backup time, reducing the downtime from hours to just a few minutes."

Ali Sadeghi, IT Manager, Medicomp

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