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The SkyKick Migration Suite securely automates entire Office 365 migration projects from pre-sales to project completion with
no interruption of mail flow and little or no effort for end users. SkyKick technology automates 90% of the manual effort and
helps partners manage all the essential steps across the entire migration project.


Fast, Efficient Migration. With 90% of the work automated, you’ll significantly reduce manual tasks. The average
40-plus hours for an average 25-seat migration is reduced to less than 4 hours.


Stay in Control. Migrate immediately or reduce risk by scheduling a migration at a future date and time—you decide.
Detailed reporting also keeps you informed and in control of any situation.


Data Stay Safe. Ensure no data or mailbox changes are lost with multiple syncs before, during, and after the switch.

Customized Experience. Build a custom migration plan that optimizes Office 365 for each customer and choose
when to migrate.


"In the last year and a half, we have done about 350 seats of migrations with SkyKick. They are our go-to product not only for the
ease of use, setup and management, but also because I have yet to come across a migration that I can't do with them."


Marvin Korves, Founder and President, SMB Help Desk

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